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How To Obtain A Marriage Certificate From San Francisco County

Please click here for Marriage Certificate Information:

How To Obtain Birth And Death Certificates From San Francisco County

Birth and death certificates issued by San Francisco County are obtained from the San Francisco Department of Public Health.  The address of the Department of Public Health is 101 Grove Street, Room 104, San Francisco, CA 94102.  Telephone (415) 554-2700 and (415) 554-2710.

We provide agent service and can obtain birth and death certificates.

Click here to order your certificate online.

How To Obtain Divorce Certificates From San Francisco County

Records of divorce in California are obtained from the court where the decree of dissolution was granted.  Records are maintained by the Clerk of the Superior Court, 400 McAllister, San Francisco, CA  94102  (415) 551-3800.

You may also order divorce certificates online by clicking here, or calling 415-440-9100.